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How do I get help?
How do I install Filemaker Go
Mobile Marketing System
Getting a Mobile Marketing System
Sending my System to people


How do I get help?

Q: How can I get hold of you?

A: You can e-mail us 24/7 at for technical support or for any sales related enquiries at

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Installing Filemaker Go

Q: How do I install FileMaker Go?

A: FileMaker Go 13 is a FREE app available from the Apple App store. Watch Video

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Getting a Mobile Marketing System

Q: How do I get a Mobile MArketing System of my own?

A: Order on-line and you will have your own customized Mobile Marketing System in approximately 2 hours.

Q: How do I get my business and contact details to you?

A: Use our “on-line order form”, provide us with all necessary contact details and your business logo, etc

How Do I Reach People

Q: How do I share my System with people?

A: After your one-time setup cost, you email your Mobile Marketing System Link to as many people as you want.

Further, you can load your Mobile Marketing System's link on your website for free download, or if you do not have a site, use your System's own Mobile Web-Site.

And you can SMS your contacts the link to your Mobile Marketing System and they can download your System and your chosen “Tool-Kit” at no charge.

You can also share your Mobile Marketing System Link on Facebook, Twitter and most other social media sites.

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