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Our Mobile Marketing System

Our Mobile Marketing System provides state-of-the-art marketing solutions. Attached to these are a range of great, FREE* social and business Tool-Kits such as My Wallet, My Diary, My Warranties and many more.

Your Mobile Web-Site: With your Mobile Marketing System you receive a range of personalized marketing tools, including, but not limited to:

The Free Tool-Kits can only be accessed from the different marketing tools. So your contacts see your business details every time they use any of the FREE Tool-Kits, and as this information is 100% interactive, they can either phone or e-mail you with the tap of a finger. They can even go straight to your web site or online store. AND you can change the look, text, logo and/or video at any time, through “the cloud”.

Free Tool-Kits: Every time your customers access their FREE Tool-Kits they see your contact details, logo and business image. Frequently people will use some of the Tool-Kits as often a several times a day and will never get rid of them.

Branding: You can easily pay a hundred times more for alternative initiatives that will not give you the same brand and marketing exposure.

Click on the “ORDER” button, fill-out your business information and you can share your system with as many contacts and customers as you like at no extra cost.

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Your Business

What would it mean to your business and service if you could effectively market on MOBILE devices (cell phones, Etc.)?

Your New

What would it mean to have your customers regularly see your contact details and your “special offers”? What would it mean to have a business card that they will not “throw away”?

Lowest Cost Business Cards

What is the value of an unlimited number of "business cards"? Cards you can change formatting and design on a regular basis?

FREE value for your Customers

Do you wish your customers will beg you for your business cards and be excited each and every time they receive one?