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Our Team, Successful Business People With Real World Experience


Our management team has a proven track-record of building hi-tech businesses. Our President developed and built four successful hi-tech companies in the United States, our CTO has degrees in business and law as well as numerous technology certifications. Our board consists of successful business leaders with extensive real world and marketing experience.

Board of Directors

We are a Texas Corporation with over 11 years of experience in hi-tech. Our Board is assembled from a team of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs with a wealth of international business experience. Our management team is committed to provide you leading edge mobile marketing technology for your business.

Our Technical Skills

We provide our clients the best mobile marketing products and services for cloud based marketing. Our team of U.S. and international software engineers, developers and IT professionals bring these concepts to your business.

Our team understands how to integrate and use the latest IT services and how to engineer and develop elegant and effective business solutions.