My Warranties® V 2.0


My Warranties

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This “Tool-Kit” will delight your contacts..

My Warranties is a fantastic Tool-Kit. Your contacts may not use it every day, but when they do, it could save them a small fortune and endless hassle.

With My Warranties everyone has a safe and secure place to file all those receipts and documents they need to ensure their product and service warranties are honoured, and because My Warranties is cloud-based, they can never lose their proof of purchase.

Whether someone want to know which of their goods are still under warranty or which ones are about to go out of warranty, My Warranties gives them all the information they need in a blink.

My Warranties ensures great positive connotations with your brand and business, so why wait? Add it to your Mobile Marketing System a.s.a.p.

Our apps are designed and developed for all versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. They will also run on Window and Mac desktop systems and on Android.
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