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What Makes This "Tool-Kit" The Greatest?

This “Tool-Kit” is for everyone. We all have too many passwords applying to too many accounts. You can now have all your passwords in one secure place with My Wallet.

Imagine having a business card that your contacts will look daily and never throw away.

Well, this is it. Once your customer or client opens yourMarketing System and starts using the My Wallet “Tool-Kit”, they will see the value.

My Wallet gives your customer or client the means to place all their private account and password information in a secure “wallet” and they have immediate access to it on their mobile device. Also, they view your business details every time they access to this incredible “Tool-Kit” and see your contact information each time they use it. They will never throw it away - How good is this!

You can have the My Wallet personalized with your business and contact details as part of your Mobile Marketing System. Imagine having an unlimited number of copies available for distribution to your customers or clients for a small annual license fee.

This “Tool-Kit” is designed and developed for all versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. It will also run on Window and Mac desktop systems.
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