My Time Billing® V 2.0


My Time Billing.

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What Makes This "Tool-Kit" So Compelling?

Everyone who invoices on an hourly basis must have this app. My Time Billing “Tool-Kit” is the easiest, quickest and most effective way of keeping track of every billable minute.

You can add as many customers as you like and assign many jobs to each customer or client.

Color code your jobs - allows you to start and stop My Time Billing with the tap of a finger. Whether you charge per minute or per hour, you can pre-set your system to keep track of your work.

To make things even easier My Time Billing allows you to email, print or even export invoices and CSV files with a single tap.

My Time Billing allows you to also sort your data.

So if you have customers or clients who charge for their services on a time basis, you will now be able to give them the handiest “Tool-Kit” ever, My Time Billing.

Your customers or clients can use your app every time they start a job and see your business and contact details EACH time they use My Time Billing.

Can you imagine the marketing power of this? No other marketing method or tool will reach your contacts more effectively.

Our apps are designed and developed for all versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. They will also run on Window and Mac desktop systems and on Android.
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