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My Journal

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My Journal is for Every-one.

Whether you’re going on holiday or just keeping a journal of your every-day life, My Journal is for you. With a simple tap of the finger you can add a memory to your records. Your memories are automatically saved in date-and-time sequence, adding a topic only takes you seconds to complete.

My Journal allows you to sort and search your text and record all entries, from video and audio, to GPS locations on Google maps, etc.

Pass My Journal “Tool-Kit” to all your contacts, once they find how handy My Journal is, they’ll love to use it on a regular basis.

My Journal is another great way to ensure people see your Business and Contact details every day.

Add-Apps' Mobile Marketing System - no other marketing method or tool will reach your customers and clients more effectively.

Our System is designed and developed for all versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. They will also run on Window and Mac desktop systems and on Android.
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