Business-Card-Apps® V 2.0® V2.0


Your Mobile Marketing System can be a very powerful 24/7 marketing machine.

You achieve this by ensuring as many of your contacts as possible look at your Marketing as often as possible. Simply select a good variety of Tool-Kits for your Mobile Marketing System. This will guarantee that more people use your System more often.

At the moment we have the following Tool-Kits available for both Apple and Android devices.

Your Business

What would it mean to your business and service if you could effectively market on MOBILE devices (cell phones, Etc.)?

Your Mobile Marketing System

What would it mean to have your customers regularly see your contact details and your “special offers”? What would it mean to have a business card that they will not “throw away”?

Lowest Cost Marketing Tools

What is the value of an unlimited number of "business cards"? Cards you can change formatting and design on a regular basis?

FREE value for your Customers

Do you wish your customers will beg you for your business details and be excited each and every time they receive it?